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About us


How did it all start

We are a family runned restaurant in the heart of Eindhoven. The restaurant has been established since 2009, but it has been a year since we took it over from the previous owner.

Our Chef had a keen interest in cooking food from very young age. He used to cook food for his family and friends, learning from his mother. Later on when he was a teen he went to India to learn more about spices and authentic indian way of cooking. He worked there in a renouned restaurant for over a decade. Then he went on to Quatar to know more about how to conduct a kitchen, where he worked  in a restaurant for five years. Then he came to Holland and worked in another restaurant in Zaandem. Then he decided to open one of his own restaurant.

It was Chef Shiva Sunar's hardwork and passion for cooking which drove him to do a restaurant business.

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